We are a stewardship parish gifted by God, grateful of heart, using our gifts and talents to serve.

Stewardship is a way of life. We must be a caring faith community that is responsible in managing our God-given resources of time, talent and treasure. In this way we enhance our relationship with God and each other.

Our Stewardship of Time & Talents ‘Discovering My Gifts for Ministry’ booklet explains more about the value of stewardship and includes a questionnaire to help you discover your unique gifts.

Time & Talent

The time God has given us to live on Earth, our life, is a gift and we should allocate a portion of it to serving. The way we serve others is through our unique talents, another gift from God.

For more information on ways you can use your time and talents in our parish, please see Parish Groups section.


Our money and possessions are a gift from God to help us serve him and help others in need.

An easy way to do this is through our Planned Giving program. It is an ideal way to support the church and is also 15% tax deductible. You can use the traditional envelopes or arrange a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly direct debit of a set amount of your choosing.

To request envelopes please contact the parish office on (07) 4151 6666.

To arrange a direct debit, please contact [email protected]. You will be supplied with a form to complete and return to the Parish office.