Baptism is a special time of joy and celebration of the gift of new life and it is through baptism that a person is welcomed into the Catholic Christian community.

Why Baptise infants?

Children 0-7 are baptised as infants. There are two principal reasons for baptising infants:

  1. Responsibility of the Parents
    The parents are accepting the serious duty of sharing their faith with their child and asking for the help of godparents who have the responsibility of supporting the parents in guiding the child’s faith life, and their moral and spiritual growth.
  2. The Christian Community
    Through the parent’s commitment to the faith community, the child will also learn from, be supported by, and be encouraged to love as a member of the community.

What happens during a Baptism?

There are four main parts to the baptism liturgy:

  1. Signing with the cross which affirms the parent’s responsibility to nurture their child’s faith.
  2. As with every liturgy, there is a reading followed by a short homily or reflection.
  3. Celebration of the Rite of Baptism
    • Pouring of water over the head
    • Anointing with oil
    • Clothing in a white garment
    • Presentation of the Baptism Candle
  4. Finally, the Lord’s Prayer and Blessing are prayed together, and the parents are presented with their child’s Baptism Certificate.


4 weeks notice of baptism is required during which parents are invited to participate in the required preparation for the baptism.

Preparation includes:

  • attending one Preparation Session
  • organising the provision of symbols of the baptism candle and white garment
  • clarifying all questions
  • obtaining copies of required godparent/s baptism certificates

Baptism of Older Children

Children 8yrs and older require different preparation. Please contact us for more information.

For more information

Please contact the Parish Office via telephone no. (07) 4151 6666 or email [email protected].